From sketching prototypes to visualizing designs, we use a suite of design
products that give shape and form to ideas.


Your data should reside in the right place where it is east to access and is secure
too. We have chosen the right database platforms to host your data after long
research and introspection.


Grow your business dynamically without burning dollars. Savor the benefit of
scalability, flexibility and affordability with the power of cloud.

App Technologies

Building apps for the web and mobile require a whole new set of abilities. These
technologies empower with those abilities.

Web Technologies

Your apps should keep running round-the-clock, all throughout the year. We bank
on these server technologies and platforms to deliver maximum uptime for your business.

Strategies & Communication

Communication and collaboration is the mother of productivity. Intelivita’s productivity
is dependent on these tools that help us strategize, communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

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