Easy yet most in depth textile ERP

We understand that there are hundreds of processes going on within your industry simultaneously and each one of them is necessary to ensure quality production and timely delivery. Through our dedicated Setup submodule, you can enter all the key information of production for once and utilize it during all the production processes

  • Fabric type and fabric content
  • Garment structure setup (cuffs, collar, rib)
  • Complete customer and order details
  • Detailed invoices and reports

Dedicated RnD submodule

With our comprehensive Research and Development submodule you can easily perform and record tests on fabrics and chemicals in order to create the finest product based on customer requirements. This also allows you to experiment with multiple vendor products to determine which one gives you the required results at the lowest possible cost.

  • Set acceptance criteria for Dyes and Chemicals
  • Set testing types for chemicals
  • Lab dip testing and recipe
  • Shade submission and approval

Most comprehensive Production Module

Our production module goes through the complete production cycle from raw material to shipping. So whether it’s about the cultivation and harvesting of raw material through wet processing and weaving of fabric, each process and stage is well recorded. Moreover, with our quality control submodule, you can ensure that your product is inspected at multiple stages.

  • Create jobs and recipes
  • Sizing bleaching and other wet processes
  • Production process like cutting and sewing
  • Return, rework and rejection reports
  • Warehousing and distribution alignment
  • Multiple daily reports

The core features of Code N Coder Ultimate

Code N Coder Tex comes with the powerful features and modules of Code N Coder Ultimate making it the only piece of software your business needs. Each of the module is created to streamline your business process and is coupled with extensive MIS reporting so every process is automated from occurrence to reporting, order to cash, procure to pay and above all planning to execution..

  • General Ledger (GL) module
  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Sales and Purchase module
  • Asset and Inventory module

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