In Depth JD & employee profile

While working closely with HR departments of businesses, we ensured that Code N Coder HRMS is created by humans for humans and covers all the day to day needs of organizations.

  • Job posting and information
  • Interviews and hiring process
  • Employee personal/medical information
  • Employee reference/relative details
  • Past experience information

Management of day to day needs

Your employee is asking for a leave? Does he needs a training program for growth? Is it time to transfer the employee to another branch of department? With Code N Coder Humans all these day to day operations can be handled swiftly while ensuring transparency.

  • Overtime, off-days and leaves
  • Integrated with attendance machine
  • Training needs analysis and process
  • Career management and succession plan
  • Performance appraisal program

Comprehensive payrolls & financials

Code N Coder Humans provides one of the most comprehensive payroll accounting solution out there. Each team members dedicated profile has all the financial liabilities jotted down and can be referred anytime.

  • Salary structure and schedule
  • Monthly deductions and allowances
  • Perks and privileges
  • Employee loans and adjustment
  • 3-level positioning (grade, category, designation)
  • Final settlements

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