Simplify your ordering process

Save time by adding items from multiple vendors into a single order. Add special orders onto your purchase orders and track everything directly from your bookstore POS. This means that if a customer is looking for a book you don’t currently have in stock, you can add it on to your regular order, no hassle.

All powerful features of our POS

Need to issue a new purchase order? Wish to return some products back to supplier? Want to have sales report summary of your store? Code N Coder Books comes with all the features of our industry leading Code N Coder Retails. It just takes a few clicks to generate reports of your inventory, accounts and point of sales on daily, monthly and even hourly sales report.

Completely integrated and secure

At Code N Coder we understand that sales, inventory and accounts are all interconnected in your store. That is why our Code N Coder Books is a powerful and completely integrated system that understands the workflow of your store and keeps everything from inventory to purchase order integrated. With user access levels you can always control which team member/department has access to your accounts or inventory.

Engage with your Customers

Quickly create customer profiles in Code N Coder Books that include contact info, sales history, the types of books they prefer, and more. With a range of customer details, you can offer special rebates and you’ll know who to target for specific store promotions.

Salient Features:

  • Multiple franchise handling
  • Multiple tracking
  • Customer Profiles (CRM)
  • Add, edit and remove items
  • Tag system, Track Sales
  • Create purchase order
  • Return sale management
  • Comprehensive promotion
  • Cash hand over (shift mechanics)
  • Real-time Reports (POS/Accounts/Inventory)
  • Comments option in order
  • Credit and partial payments
  • Bill and item discount
  • User access levels
  • Complete secure system
  • Top Running Products
  • Financial reports and statements
  • Detailed inventory reports



  • Product Master
  • Sales / Sales Return
  • Hold Bill Option
  • Item Discount
  • Bill Discount
  • Shift Management
  • Opening Cash
  • Hand Over
  • Multiple Reports

Sales, Inventory & Accounts

  • Account Ledger
  • Accounts Statement
  • Accounts Trial Balance
  • Voucher Printing
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • MIS Reports
  • Customer and Supplier Ageing.
  • + All Features of Sales & Inventory Module

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