Easy to Setup and Operate

Code N Coder Canteen is one of the easiest and beneficial POS to set up for your store. Our years of experience have enabled us to understand the needs of Canteen owners and their eagerness to give customers’ a great time while paying for their orders. Our solution is light and completely click-based. Code N Coder Canteen is filled with all the features are highly needed to work sCanteenly on day-to-day basis. Our easy to use POS Solution will give no hard time to your team; in a result, they can easily make it a part of their operations and save your precious time.

Completely Integrated and Secure

At Code N Coder, we understand that sales, inventory and accounts are all interconnected with each other in your store. Our Code N Coder Canteen POS is a powerful and completely integrated system that understands the workflow of your business and keeps everything from inventory to purchase order integrated. With user access levels you can always control which team member or department should have access to your accounts and inventory.

Engage with Your Customers

You can quickly create customer profiles in Code N Coder Canteen POS that include contact info, sales history, the types of flavours they prefer, and other information, which can be useful for you to boost your sales. With a range of customer details, you can offer special rebates and you’ll know who to target for specific outlet promotions.

Keep Your Business Well-Informed

We understand that you cannot be at your outlet every time and neither you have time to handle nitty-gritty’s of daily operations. But, every now or then you need to go through them to see whether the flow of inventory and other process are running smoothly or not. That’s why Code N Coder Canteen has features and functionalities to make sure that every little detail of business processes get well recorded. Generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports of your accounts, inventory, and sales anytime and anywhere.

Salient Features:

  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Web-based solution
  • Cloud-based and on premises
  • Dine In / Take Away / Home Delivery
  • Rider Assignment
  • Multiple outlets.
  • Multiple modes of payment.
  • Direct printing at the outlet from call centre.
  • Integration of website orders in POS system.
  • Cancel order
  • Customer management.
  • Waiter / Table management.
  • Create your own Canteen.
  • Dynamic deals management
  • Time-based deals.
  • Dynamic Size / Crust and Flavor Selection.
  • Add as many modifiers as required for a Canteen.
  • Item Recipe.
  • Purchase Management
  • Stock Transfers
  • Product Mix Report
  • Rider Efficiency Report
  • Area efficiency report.
  • Category and subcategory reporting.
  • Create and manage Roles.
  • User rights management



  • Product Master
  • Sales / Sales Return
  • Hold Bill Option
  • Item Discount
  • Bill Discount
  • Shift Management
  • Opening Cash
  • Hand Over
  • Multiple Reports

Sales, Inventory & Accounts

  • Account Ledger
  • Accounts Statement
  • Accounts Trial Balance
  • Voucher Printing
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • MIS Reports
  • Customer and Supplier Ageing.
  • + All Features of Sales & Inventory Module

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