The Code N Coder Referral Program gives you the opportunity to promote our services – and we’ll pay you a referral fee for your efforts! That’s the open commission system, you refer us you get your commission! All references are subject to the terms and conditions of your referral agreement. In order to ensure that you’re eligible for a referral payment, please make sure that you have an active referral agreement in place when you approach us. We will let you know about this.

Our referral program is a great way to boost our lead generation and brand awareness. But not limited to this, this means you are also growing with us! This program offers you a % fee or payment of the total sale. In other words, if the lead/prospect that you provide to us becomes a done deal, we will offer you a payment from the total cost of the project. Whether it is huge or small you may have your gift :)

Once we are in touch, a referral program contract will be sent to you via email, which will be signed and agreed. Once we receive the payment for the referred project by the customer, a check, or bank payment will be made out and mailed to you. This program is for both individuals and businesses.


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